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 Here is what some people have said about Azura:

"Thank you so much for another phenomenal & informative workshop.  Lots of new info, lots of variations on moves I already knew.  Enlightening visual on covering stage space while being a solo performer and also on a troupe perspective.  And I really enjoyed the opportunity to do improv & drummer/dancer interaction as those are two aspects that are often left to circumstance.  From both a student and a teacher perspective the information I gained from yesterday afternoon is priceless and will only continue to make me grow as a dancer, performer, teacher and person.”  

"I know I will always enjoy a polished, tasteful and professional performance from start to finish when I see you dance..."

“I had a phenomenal time and you are a fantastic teacher - I truly enjoyed our classes.”

  “Your performance at my celebration was magical!”

“Your solo was Amazing at the RAMED show!...You were so graceful and elegant, the choreoggraphy and technique were amazing! Not to mention the beautiful veil…You are wonderful!”

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