Azura’s advanced dance class performs under the name of Raks Azhar.  They specialize in beautiful, dynamic routines with formation changes and a range of props and music. The dancers of Raks Azhar have a wide range of experience including ballroom dance, tribal dance, reiki, and massage therapy. 


Raks Azhar performs at events such as Mosaic (Regina’s multicultural festival), the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, the Arabian Fantasy Dance Show, and, of course, Azura's annual Shiver & Shimmy!

Raks Azhar has performed Egyptian raks sharqi (belly dance) routines, veil, cane, drum solo, fusion, and Egyptian pop pieces. They also explore the folkloric dance styles of Egypt, North Africa, and the Arabian Gulf.

Raks Azhar Performed A Special Routine for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival's 25th Anniversary!

Azura & Victor Doum created a unique musical composition and choreography called "Five for 5x5" in honour of 5x5, the 25th Anniversary Gala of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

Together with guest artists Jim Anderson, and Rachel of Lalita Maya Bellydance, Raks Azhar performed on May 27, 2016. They were accompanied by Victor and the Drummers of Doum.

The 25th Anniversary Gala occurred under the Big Top tent in the Cathedral neighbourhood of Regina, Canada. The gala featured five acts reflecting the Festival’s five key artistic disciplines of music, theatre, literature, visual art and dance, with over 30 performances and 100 performers. 



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