The beauty of Egypt’s landscape is equaled only by the hospitality and humour of its people, as Azura learned while touring Egypt in November 2008.  She took trains and ferries, camels and cruise ships, buses and horse-drawn carts.  From bazaars to factories, museums to monuments, and dinner shows to dance lessons, every day was unique…but there was barely enough time to appreciate Egypt’s history and contemporary culture.

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Highlights of the trip included:
bullet Performing on a train to Aswan, on a cruise ship, and at a hotel on the Red Sea;
bullet Dance lessons with Aida Noor, Raquia Hassan and Khyrea;
bullet Teaching a lesson on the cruise ship;
bullet Exploring the temple of Dendara;
bullet Climbing inside the Bent Pyramid;
bullet The Nile cruise; and
bullet Relaxing at the Red Sea

Azura performing on a cruise ship in Egypt

Red Sea Coast with Arabia in the background

Temple of Hatshepsut

Great Pyramid

Temple of Philae



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