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Regina Raks! Click here to read my article on Regina's dance community, which appeared recently in the Gilded Serpent


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bullet Dance Technique:
Not Just Pop Choreography

Strong Torso Movements
Folkloric Rhythms at the Jalilah Workshop
Tips for Practicing Finger Cymbals
bullet Workshop & Performance Reviews:
The Oriental Line: Sarita in Winnipeg

Together Yet Different: The Beata and Horacio Workshop
Suzy Brightens the Day for Dancers in Regina

Venus Hosts Jillina in Vancouver
Kathak Dance and Oriental Entrances with Jamilee Abir and Rosa Mirijello-Haynes

Taxim and Tunisian Folk Dance - Cassandra Visits Winnipeg
From Alphabets to Pony Steps:  The Aziza Workshop in Regina
Suhaila Salimpour Teaches at the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival
Kamaal Teaches a Difficult Drum Solo at the 2005 Mediterranean Fantasy Festival
Highlights of the 18th Annual Mediterranean Fantasy Festival
Beata and Horacio Cifuentes Present “Enchanted Gardens” in Edmonton

Jalilah: Dancing in Different Rhythms
Fundamental Skills in Oriental Dance: the Mesmera Workshop in Regina
The Stars from Calgary
Aziza Performs in Calgary
The Aziza Workshop in Calgary  
The International Belly Dance Conference of Canada




Ten Days in Seattle
The Best (in Six Hours) of Medfest



History and Culture:
The Characteristics of Old Egyptian Style


Body Alignment and Injury Prevention

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